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Natural Skin Care & Natural Aroma

Our founder’s philosophy and passion on how the "natural conscious" movement begins. We exclude any harmful ingredients usually found in skincare such as synthetic preservatives, synthetic surfactant, alcohol, synthetic perfume, artificial coloring as we care for our consumers. Origin: Korea

Vitamin Shower Filter

Vitaspa filters out rust ingredients, foreign and toxic substances from tap water and even has moisturizing as well as antioxidant effects. It also contains vitamin C and milk to keep your skin moisturized and refreshed. Origin: Korea

LED Mask (Near Infrared Ray)

The World First product for co-management of hair and face. HOME HAIR AND SCALP CARE, 15 MINUTES EVERYDAY. “The World First product for co-management of hair and face” “850/660/630nm 3in1 LED Package” Origin: Korea

EasySelf Plate Therapy

Ceramic plates can changes your body figure.  A way to find your lost body shape and sense of mind. It is for home-care and self massage. Anytime, anywhere, anyone can get a massage. Origin: Korea

Manuka Oil Natural Skin Healer

Modern science agrees: manuka has been known to assist skin healing, and prevent the spread of bacteria. Today, you can take charge of your health using ManukaRx™ products and specially formulated natural essential oil blends using 100% pure East Cape Manuka Oil. Origin : New Zealand

Natural Sun Cream 

A low irritant SPF 50+ / PA+++ sun cream that protects sensitive skin from strong UV rays. Contains natural botanical extracts and herbal extracts to nourish the skin and give a light natural glow. Lightly use it anytime and anywhere. Origin: Korea

More to come....

We are introducing new skin care products with the quality  ingredients and affordable price

More to come....

We are introducing new skin care products with the quality  ingredients and affordable price

Free self massage workshop

Are you feeling tired lately? Do you feel like your whole body is in knots and you need a massage badly?  

Good news is that you don’t have to spend a whole lot of $$ to get one good massage! DIY massage with our BODY Easy Self By Park Jeong Deock (B.S.P Body Shape Therapy) . 

It’s easy, it’s therapeutic, and it’s a technique perfected by Park Jeong Deock since year 1988. The Body Easy Self is made of ceramic plate, and shaped uniquely for easy handling. It’s works to help lipolysis and make balanced muscle when you massage it over your arms, stomach, abdomen, thighs, calves and other areas on your body.  By Peapods is having a small workshop (40 minutes) for customers who purchase the Body Easy Self ceramic plate where you’ll get to learn the technique to massage your arms, abdomen, thighs, and areas of your body by Angie! Angie has 10+ years of yoga practice which focuses on therapeutic yoga poses & she’ll be sharing her tips on how to massage yourself with Body Easy Self ceramic plate to achieve the result you want! Slots are available! With just $59, get a Body Easy Self ceramic plate & tips for a better you!  If you bring 2 friends , each of you will get a 10% off!  So come along & get your slots!


By Pepaods

By Peapods was borne out of passion. A passion for bringing natural, conscious products while still maintaining quality, uniqueness, and affordability to the masses. We source products from like-minded independent brand  and manufacturers, and work with creators, and individuals who values authenticity and uses only the highest natural ingredients for their products, and also promotes wellness through food, skin care regimes, products and lifestyle.