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The story of my favourite Nutraceutical cream lies here. 2.5 years with this product, loving it each time I use it at night. As it is like the food I cook or desserts I bake, I would say its even like custom made for me. Each product is produced with specific care as quoted- ‘just like preparing a home-cooked meal.’ Indeed it is. I would alternate this with collagen emulsion. Hydrating and it absorbs into the skin, I can actually feel it. I would add a drop or two rosehip oil for extra indulgence to my skin. I love that the scent of essential oils are in this cream, because it does have 7 botanical oils and 5 plant extracts. Every product has a 6 months shelf life to ensure quality and freshness of ingredients.

“The rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare. Rosehip oil is one of my daily skincare regime. I have been using rosehip oil since my early 30s and now I am 53. There are over 150 species of wild roses. Here in the photo are the rosehips in the wild ready to picked around October to November, definitely your daily dose of nature. It is a time consuming process, depending on seed and origin only 2-8% rosehip oil can be extracted from seeds. Rich in Vitamin A,B,C,E, unsaturated fatty acid like linoleic minerals, zinc, magnesium+iron remain in oil. Cold pressed rosehip oil is orangey red, smells sweet sour nutty, these are the good quality ones like Spatula Works. The raffinate ones or heavily processed are yellowish and almost odourless.The colour of rosehip oil is an indication of quality significantly depending on the concentration of essential fatty acids and beta-carotene. It aids in cell regeneration, collagen production, moisture regulation, natural protective function of the skin. Also aids in anti-aging,anti-pimples/blemishes, after sun care, stretch marks and scar care. All rosehips are edible. The rose itself are used for different products, from rose water, jellies, rose oil for perfume, syrups, extracts. The hips are used for rosehip oil, jams, teas, skincare, (food for the skin I’d call it)in powder form to add to juices and much more. I write with much love for the rosehip oil because I personally pick it from the forest while living in Europe and air dried them to make teas, syrups or jam. I never leave home without it, and I have used many different products of rosehip oil, and Spatula Works is now my favourite. #rosehipoil #spatulaworksrosehipoil #wildroses #rosarubiginosa #rosacanina