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[SET] V-Day Project Facial Mask Sheet Set_Intensive Hydration & Radiance(5ea)

S$ 32.00

MARYMOND cosmetics make a skin care brand that protects sensitive skin irritated by harsh external conditions such as fine dust, pollution, various harmful ingredients. We use safe ingredients based on EWG green evaluation. (NO synthetic fragrance, NO artificial pigment, NO harmful ingredients, NO animal experiment)

Recharge your skin with healthy moisture energy 
-It draws its super-moisturization power from the endless life energy of the blue lotus flower that has survived for 1.6 billion years

-5 types of hyaluronic acid particles build up layer after layer of moisture barriers to delivery moisture and radiance from the deepest layer of your skin.

 -The V-day project facial mask contains 42g of liquid essence, 1.5 times more than other products on the market. Deep moisturizationeffect that continues to amplify in your sleep so that you retain perfect moisturization until you wake up next morning

-The imperial microfiber sheet material and thickness is optimized to adhere perfectly to the skin and to deliver nutrients most effectively without causing irritation.

-Use the pad to apply the liquid essence on your neck, dry arms, legs and your entire body.

-Strictly selected safe ingredients that are certified by the EWG as a top green level for sensitive skin. 

-Part of profits donated to the ‘Butterfly fund’

-Inspired by global ‘V DAY’ movement to end violence against women and girl

Helping to build a just and peaceful world in our daily lives

Inspired by the global 'V-Day' movement to end violence against women and girls, we launched our 'V-day Project,' so that people everywhere can join us in advocating for a just and peaceful world in their daily lives, even while simply performing their daily skin care routines. Part of our profits are donated to the ‘Butterfly Fund’, established by the late Kim Bok-Dong for the victims of sexual violence. The Butterfly fund is currently used to provide aid and support to women and children in Vietnam, Congo, Palestine, Uganda and other war-zones. 

Main ingredients 

Drawn from the Blue lotus flower

All natural ingredients that amplify the moisturizationeffect       

Our liquid essence draws its premium moisturization effect from the extraordinary life force of the blue lotus that even bloomsintheharshestenvironment.

Premium moisturization effect

Five types of Hyaluronic acid that build moisture barriers

5 layers of Hyaluronic Acid

5 types of hyaluronic acid particles build up layer after layer of moisture barriers to delivery moisture and radiance from the deepest layer of your skin.


“Super strength moisturizing enhancer derived from natural”

A natural moisturizer extracted from birch and beech trees to prevent moisture evaporation and provide long-lasting moisturizing skin.

Sea water

“Rich water in the deep sea”

Seawater containing abundant nutrients deep in the sea, where sunlight does not reach, gives smooth, moisture skin texture.


“Keep skin barrier healthy”

It is a medicinal plant with excellent wound healing effect. It regenerates the skin and provides a healthy and firm skin barrier.


“Clean, clear skin texture”

Calms the skin that is sensitive to external stimuli and gives clean, clear skin texture.