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100% Organic Rose Hip Oil [Manufacturing date 5 April 2020]

S$ 39.00

Main ingredients: 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil

Moisturizing, toning, whitening and firming. Also works well for acne scars/ pigmentation.

Containing 50 times more vitamin than lemon.
For all types of skin including sensitive skin

How to use:
1. Apply 2 to 3 drops of Organic Rosehip Face Oil on your palm and massage evenly on your cleansed and toned face (preferably with Nutraceutical Essence) using your temperature.
2. When your skin feels unusually dry, blend three to four drops of oil with Nutraceutical Cream or Emulsion and apply all over your face by massaging gently.
3. Apply it to dry parts of your body, i.e. the elbow, the wrist or the ankle to help the restoring skin's moisture balance.
4. When applied to a cleansed face, Organic Rosehip Face Oil soothes and calms your skin.

Origin: South Korea

Size: 20 ml

Organic Rosehip Oil 100%

Please check both on the preparation date and use-by date.
Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
There might be opacity of the natural ingredients. It is safe to use the products if it is used within the expiry date.