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CF MAGIC MASK (Near Infrared Ray)

S$ 1,890.00

The World First product for co-management of hair and face.
“The World First product for co-management of hair and face”
“850/660/630nm 3in1 LED Package”
Near infrared rays is penetrating into the subcutaneous layer of the skin
to help the blood circulation, and by raising the skin temperature. Enlarge blood vessels and smooth metabolism to regenerate skin cells, By strengthening the immunity of the skin to relieve pain, inflammation, muscle fatigue, Near infrared is called the light of life, the light of youth (Developed by NASA researchers in the US, This is a safe wavelength approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical trials.)

CF Magic Mask Design is based on ease and safety.
UX & UI are considered into our differentiated design-based mask product which features 3-layer mask structure, conveniently breathable vent hole, prevention of visual loss.

SIZE : 215 X 309 X 161(mm)
Weight : 650g
Remote control
Input: : 5V/2A
Output : 28~38V, max 100mA(head) /
28~38V, max 240mA(face)
Rated Input : AC 220V~60Hz 0.3A
Rated Output : DC 5.0V 2.0A
Material : PC (Polycarbonate), ABS resin, Acryl
Country of manufacture: Korea

Benefits proved by clinical test:
Improved scalp blood circulation, hair loss prevention, hair growth acceleration.
Brighten skin and improved the level of skin hydration.
Forehead wrinkle reduction.
Reduced fie lines around the eyes and  the mouth.
Reduced freckles and imperfection.
Increase facial lifting and skin elasticity.
Collagen activation .

Customer's review:

Natasha L.: I bought the CF magic mask from by peapods last December. I was advised to start off using it everyday for a month. I suffered from oily skin, large pores and monthly cystic acne. The mask is easy to use. Just plug and play. There is a slight warm sensation when in use which I find very relaxing. I noticed I sleep better on nights I use it. The LED lights were bright but they did not cause me any headaches. However, as I have sensitive, dry eyes, I purchased a pair of laser googles just to be on the safe side. Skin was very smooth after the first use and it looked well hydrated. After about a month of use, I noticed smaller pores, less oily skin and my fine lines under my eyes were less prominent. Generally skin is more even toned. Redness around my nose has reduced. I have less cystic acne and it helps to calm and heal any pimples. Hair fall was also a little less. I used to use Refa face massager and beauty T bar prior to buying this LED mask. Now I don’t find the need to use other gadgets. If I really had to think of a con for the mask, I would say it’s a little on the heavy side. Apart from that, it’s been a staple in my beauty regime and well worth the price.