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Fabulous Oil & Water Cleanser

S$ 29.00

Main ingredients: Sweet almond oil and chamomile flower water.

Facial cleanser, makeup remover and facial mist.

For all types of skin including sensitive skins.

How to use:
Shake well before use so that two layers can be mixed well. Spray four to five times on a cotton pad.
Press gently on your skin and wipe off.
It can be used on the sensitive skin as well as sensitive parts such as eye and lips areas. It can easily remove the waterproof make-ups.

Origin: South Korea

Size: 60 ml

Chamomile Flower Water
Sweet Almond Oil

Please check both on the preparation date and use-by date.
Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
There might be opacity of the natural ingredients. It is safe to use the products if it is used within the expiry date.