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Natural Aroma Room & Fabric Spray [Girls Night Out]

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Handmade with natural ingredients, it refreshes rooms, cars, fabric, cloths, bedding, furniture and space. The spray has sterilising effects that act as a deodoriser that introduces a new empowering fragrance.
This scent revitalises the mind and body through the use of aromatherapy.
Frankincense eases bronchial/sinus infections and promotes tissue regeneration.
Ylangylang increases blood flow and fights parasites.
Vanilla neutralizes free radicals and protects the body.
Sweet orange decreases anxiety, boosts the immune system and is antibacterial.
Citronella relieves spasms of the nervous system, respiratory system and removes odor.

Ingredients: Frankincense, ylangylang, vanilla, sweet orange, citronella and ethanol
Origin: South Korea
Size: 25ml