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One to one MYring yoga class - Private class

S$ 100.00

One to one MYring  yoga class 

We recommend this class as stated below:

-Who never practice yoga before.

-Who wants to build up  oveall lower body's stability and mobility.

-Who wants a body alignment for improving postures.

-Who has consistent lower back pain. 

-Who has consistent shoulder stiffness.

-Who is difficult to sleep well due to blood circulation or menopause.

Feel free to contact me. All are welcome. 

Enquiry: (+65)81008307 

아래와 같은 분들에게 권합니다: 

-요가를 처음 해보신 분들

-하체(발, 발목, 무릎,골반) 기반 체력 키우기

-허리와 코어 관리

-몸의 순화과 수면에 도움이 필요하신 분 

-어께와 승모근 풀어주고 바르게 사용하기

-틀어진 골반 바로 잡기

-유연하지 못한 척추 바로 잡기 

Enquiry: (+65)81008307,  Kakaotalk ID:mungchiangie