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PreMed Yoga 100 hours Teacher Training in Seoul @Milmila Yoga & Meditation Centre

S$ 2,000.00

PREMED YOGA 100-hours TTC 

Led by Se Kim @seikim32  

Representative of Milmila yoga & meditation center 

Representative & founder of MYRing 

Representative of Yoga Kula 

PreMed training school’s Seoul branch head 

E-RYT 500 

Yoga teacher training leader of MYring Yoga, PreMed Yoga &  300 hours at Yogakula 

Venue : Milmila yoga & meditation center Itaewon Seoul Korea(@milmila_yoga)

Date : 30 July - 6 August 2023 (100 hours include offline class & assignments)

Daily class time : 9am - 5pm 

TTC fees: US$1500 (S$2000) 

- Issuance of PreMed Yoga TTC Certificate (Certificate requirement : Pass the test after completing the course &  assignment submission)

-Eligibility for PreMed online classes

What is PreMed Yoga? 

“PREventive + MEDical + YOGA”

PreMed Yoga is the most ideal way to find the balance of the body by adding the healing power of traditional yoga with the accuracy of science and medicine (@premed_training_school) and based on this, find the inner balance to help people live a natural movement and flexible life. It is a wholistic therapy yoga

 “PreMed Yoga is a therapy yoga that restores the fundamental balance of the body and mind.”

PREMED TTC Curriculum 


  1. Setting visions and goals for life and yoga practice

  2. Various meditations for self-growth and healing 

  3. Essay writing


  1. Basic Musculoskeletal Anatomy 

  2. Accurate alignment of asana based on anatomy and Hands on 

  3. Assist Motion evaluation and analysis 

  4. Muscle and fascia relaxation methods for movement recovery 

  5. Causes of pain by symptom and disease 

  6. Principles of Premed Yoga Sequence for Pain Relief and Prevention 

  7. Premed Yoga Sequence 

  8. Tips for private lessons 

  9. Premed Yoga Asana

A  little story about the venue of PreMed TTC in Korea, Milmila yoga & meditation center.

A secret space in the middle of a complicated and dizzy city. Situated on a steep hillside in Itaewon Seoul Korea, Milmilla is a sanctuary in the city where you can heal your tired body and mind with yoga. 

Milmila wanted to deeply melt the essence of yoga and the training process into the space, and draw a static atmosphere by drawing the theme of the hill of deep tranquility from yoga philosophy.

The designer condensed the eight limbs of Yoga into three steps to create a space.

Ethical stage (Yama, Nyama), Physical stage (Asana, Pranayama, Pratayahara) & Psychological stage (Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi) 

One hidden gem in here, we love the view of Seoul from the 2nd floor rooftop. 

A message from Sei Kim

This TTC is not only for getting a certificate, we would like to invite yoga teachers just like me.

 I practice and teach yoga, sometimes I feel like I'm lost. This is a course prepared for those who are going through this kind of time in the yoga journey and those who want to understand themselves more deeply. Please do not hesitate to come. All are welcome.

Let us learn & share together in the healing space!