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VITASPA, Milky Silky (No scent)

S$ 19.00 S$ 49.00

It is a non-fragrance product without the addition of any scent for those that are

Vitaspa filters out rust ingredients, foreign and toxic substances from tap water and even has moisturizing as well as antioxidant effects. 

It also contains vitamin C and milk to keep your skin moisturized and refreshed.

Choose your favorite scent for your aroma therapy.

How it works:
vitamin gel is designed to eliminate chlorine residual through the application of vitamin C. As water flows into the filter creating pressure that equals the pressure inside the vitamin gel container, the vitamin gets extracted through a tiny opening whilst neutralizing the chlorine residual in the water.

Food: Vitamin C(ascorbic acid), Starch(dextrin), Thickener(xanthan gum), Moisturizer(glycerin), powder skim milk, Food dye.
Cosmetic: Perfume(aroma), Collagen, (Hyaluronic acid